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AMS Highlight Series - Euclid

Posted by Stephen Schwinn on Dec 8, 2023 10:00:00 AM


This post is the second of our AMS Highlight series and this time we have Euclid Technology, one of the leaders in the AMS space.

Euclid has provided their AMS, ClearVantage, and its web-related capabilities to the association marketspace for the past 27 years. Partnering with their clients to deliver outstanding products and services is their sole mission. Their clients include professional and trade associations as well as educational and charitable organizations.

System Information

Product Features: ClearVantage, a web-based solution is a robust, fully integrated solution that clients use to manage memberships, committees and chapters, events, product sales, subscriptions, continuing education, marketing – including an AI-driven drag & drop email editor, accounts receivable, and much more. Of course, most of this functionality flows between the database and the web in real-time.

Unique Features or Selling Points: The ability to personalize the system for staff and members alike. Users can create dashboards, select preferences and views, create queries and reports as necessary. ClearVantage includes integrated help that uses the client’s specific documentation. Users can also add help notes and update help files in real-time.

Update/Upgrade Schedule: Updates are released every 4-6 weeks with upgrades available every 18 months. All support, updates, and upgrades are included as part of each client’s monthly fee.

How to Reach Euclid

If you'd like to learn more about what Euclid offers, you can follow the links below to head to their website or schedule a demo:

Euclid Homepage: 

Request a demo link:


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