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Essential Steps for Moving Your Online Community to a New Platform

Community, Online Communities, Digital Engagement
By Anna Dela Cruz
July 12, 2024
Moving your online community to a new platform? Here's a comprehensive guide on what to consider and how to make the transition smoothly:
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Tactics for Marketing Your Community Launch

Community, Engagement, Online Communities
By Stephen Schwinn
January 10, 2024

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Community Platforms are Needed Now More Than Ever

Online Communities, Post COVID, virtual conference
By Kristina Toscano
April 29, 2022

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4 Ways Online Communities Fit Into Your Post-COVID Strategy

Online Communities, Post COVID
By Kristina Toscano
July 29, 2021
It was inevitable for organizations to turn to online communities during the pandemic, as communicating digitally became the “new normal” across the world. Now that we are transferring to a hybrid (virtual and in-person) working environment, ...
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How Online Communities Enhance Member Experience Part 2

Collaboration, Community Manager, Association Tools, Online Communities, Business Online, Online Software, Group Work, Member Experience
By Kristina Toscano
January 27, 2021
Does your association or organization use an online community platform? There are several ways associations use online communities to address business needs across all industries. Online communities can not only adapt to your business, but it can...
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How to Make Money With an Online Community

Community Manager, Private community software, Online Communities, Online Software, Diversify Revenue Stream
By Kristina Toscano
December 15, 2020
An online community can be more than just a community. There are several ways you can monetize your online community and raise capital for your organization. Here are some great ways to create a revenue stream from your community!
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6 Ways To Create User Generated Content in Your Community

Online Communities, Online Software, Community Management, content creation
By Kristina Toscano
December 07, 2020
As online communication of all types becomes the norm for most people in the world, user generated content has never been more important. What is User Generated Content and why is it so important? UGC is exactly how it sounds; comments, posts,...
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Launching Your Online Community: Part 3

Association Tools, Online Communities, Community Management
By Kristina Toscano
September 29, 2020

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Launching Your Online Community: Part 1

Association Tools, Online Communities, Business Online, Networking, Online Software
By Kristina Toscano
July 24, 2020
Setting up an online community is an exciting task that will help you grow your business and connect you with others that share your interests. This is the first step to developing long term connections and brand awareness within your community, so...
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The Silver Lining in Moving Business Online During COVID-19

Community Manager, Online Communities, Business Online, Connect, COVID-19
By Kristina Toscano
June 12, 2020
Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were operating as usual with offices and in person communication that was crucial for their business operations. When there was talk of the virus coming to the United States, people were wary, but sure...
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