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How Online Communities Enhance Member Experience Part 2

Posted by Kristina Toscano on Jan 27, 2021 10:39:50 AM

Visit Breezio.comDoes your association or organization use an online community platform? There are several ways associations use online communities to address business needs across all industries. Online communities can not only adapt to your business, but it can also foster collaboration among members. We have created this series to give you some insight into how your community can be enhanced.

An online community supporting your association can help drive growth, increase productivity, and create networking opportunities. Here are some ways that member experience is enhanced through using an online community like Breezio!

Utilizing Groups and Connections

Online communities enhance your association’s ability to be cross-functional. What we mean by this, is that it is easier than ever to share information with people across departments and create content with versioning. Version control is important in situations where you are sharing information across multiple groups; it shows users the most up to date version of the content while also showing edits made previously by other users. Breezio’s version feature shows content editing in real-time, so you are able to pinpoint edits easily. 

Additionally, Breezio includes an easy to use group feature that allows members to be grouped by relevant categories. This means members can be in multiple groups and are able to post in shared forums to encourage discussion. On the user-friendly platform, members are able to find other members based on tags in their profile section; making instant connections should be a given in an online community. Using group features will greatly improve your association’s productivity by organizing and sharing information.

Here are some features included in the groups section that would be useful to your members:

  • Article and document sharing and editing
  • Time-stamped video comments 
  • Private chat rooms 
  • Group-wide events 
  • Discussion forums

Using groups in different ways in your online community can boost your members’ experience in both a personal and professional manner. We encourage you to look into ways to utilize the groups in your community. Check out Part 1 of this series to learn more about ways to enhance your member experience!

Breezio is here to make your online community thrive and easy to use. Click here to request a free demo of our interactive platform!


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