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AMS Highlight Series - Fonteva

Posted by Stephen Schwinn on Apr 10, 2024 10:00:00 AM

Fonteva Transparent

Welcome to another edition of our AMS Highlight Series! This blog will focus on one of the most widely recognized names in the AMS market, Fonteva!

Fonteva, a Salesforce partner since 2010, is the leading provider of association solutions built on the Salesforce platform. Built on Salesforce and engineered specifically for associations, Fonteva's association software platform equips your team to efficiently manage events, track engagement, nurture relationships, and promote collaboration. Notably, Fonteva Payments offers an exclusive integrated Payment Solution not available with any other AMS on the market. Fonteva empowers associations to create and deliver a modern member experience through an association software platform that can easily scale and adapt to meet evolving member expectations.  

Fonteva notes that they work with associations of all sizes, with trade, membership, hybrid, and fraternal associations all being in their client base.

System Information

Fonteva is 100% built on Salesforce with over 360 customers, a 96% customer retention rate, and is compatible with over 4,000 Salesforce AppExchange apps. It is built on the Salesforce platform, which means that it is secure, scalable, and reliable. Salesforce invests over $1B annually in infrastructure development and another $18+ million annually in security.

Product Features:

  • Member CRM
  • Events Management
  • Member Portal
  • Fonteva Payments
  • Fonteva Enterprise Community +
  • Dynamic Fundraising Campaign
  • eCommerce and Orders
  • Committees, Chapters, and Groups
  • Enhanced Refunds
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • AI & Analytics

Unique Features and Selling Points

Fonteva can integrate with any software or application that has a compatible API, including most software suites used by the Association industry. While not all, examples of compatible software include Sage lntacct, Cadmium, Zoom, Breezio, and much more! In addition to APl-based integrations, Fonteva is on the Salesforce AppExchange, the largest partner marketplace of any AMS/CRM in the world, with over 4,500 Apps and Components.

Fonteva Payments is the ONLY built-in payments feature designed for Fonteva customers who want to alleviate themselves of hidden fees, burdensome vendor experiences, and a lack of visibility into their transaction lifecycle. Payments offer a range of key feature benefits that enhance payment processes for businesses. It enables convenient Online ACH Payments, simplifies transactions with a Digital Wallet supporting Apple Pay & Google Pay, and facilitates Global Payments, Acceptance, & Processing. Ensuring security, the platform is fully 3DS2 compliant and equipped with Advanced Fraud Detection through Stripe, providing a secure and seamless payment experience for users.

Notable Upcoming Upgrades

Introducing the NEW Fonteva Platform 15.0 release! Fonteva 15.0 represents our latest release, offering expanded functionality for refunds, dynamic fundraising campaigns that seamlessly integrate with Fonteva’s store and community events, modernized Fonteva payments, and Fonteva’s Enterprise Community+. With Fonteva Enterprise Community+, if you have component societies exceeding 100, there’s an easy way to manage branded portals tailored for events, commerce, and more.

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