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Breezio Releases Enhanced Chat and Message Features to Drive Community Engagement

Posted by Conor Bergman on Aug 8, 2017 3:00:00 PM


There’s nothing like some Breezio updates to finish off your summer right! We’re pushing out some new features to prop your portal, just in time for the school season. Keep in touch with Breezio as we continue to work around the clock making your community stand out in the collaborative generation.


We’re super excited that the first step in our upcoming recommendation engine is out! Now, right on your front page will appear recommended organizations and people for your members to join or follow. Simply click on ‘Follow’ to follow a user, or ‘Request to join’ an organization. As we continue to develop, these recommended people and organizations will be tailored to match your portal perusing delivering the most relevant content to your members. Growing a community is more than adding a pile of users, Breezio’s platform allows users from all over the globe to connect through content in a way not possible through other mediums. Our recommendation engine will allow you to match with members just like you from all over your community, and it is this interconnection built around content that makes Breezio such an industry leader.

Chat messages send emails

Staying in touch is hard, and there’s nothing worse than finding an urgent message weeks after it was sent. We realize you can’t always be in your Breezio portal, that’s why we have added email digests for our messaging feature. Turn on email notifications to receive updates for messages you haven’t seen. Don’t want to be bothered? No problem, just turn off notifications in your account settings.

Our updated notification system will send you an email for any unread messages in your inbox. Don’t worry about clutter, messages will be sent in one collective digest to catch you up on the missed conversation.


Jobs improvement

Our Jobs posting just keeps getting better. We’ve taken everything you wanted, and added even more features on top. New options for salary, following, and more are coming with this release! But we aren’t done yet; we have much more coming up through the fall.

Add a salary to your job or internship post to let applicants know what to expect. Users can now follow jobs they are interested to apply later, or receive notification of any updates. Employers can add external links to their own application system, or handle applications internally with portal messaging, meetings, and file sharing.

Expect a gamification revamp to our portal system starting early fall to take the pain out of the job hunt. No other platform makes a job board as easy and fun as Breezio.



We know your Breezio portal has countless innovative features, and it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. In our upcoming release tooltips will be popping up in the pages around you, and our structured onboarding will guide your new users through their first Breezio portal experience.

Hand-holding tutorials get on our nerves too, that’s why we’ve cut the fat to deliver the tips you need without the obstacles you don’t. Our tool tips have gone through a lengthy design process to show up when and where you need them and no where you don’t.

Still left with questions about your portal? Contact your Portal admin, or email us at!


Your collections just got a face lift! We’re increasing the curb appeal of your collections with this release, now collections UI will appear similar to organizations. Nothing draws a reader like a good book cover, so prep your photoshop fingers and make your collection pop!

With the unveiling of our gamification system later this fall, collections will be able to be integrated with our badging system to reward users who take the initiative to learn. There are many exciting new integrations in the future for collections, so hang onto your hats and buckle in, it’s getting Breezy.


Admin and Portal Sign-On

The privacy of your community matters to us, that’s why we have added a recaptcha option to the signup process. Our strong core of privacy features ensure the data you entrust to your Breezio portal will stay in the hands of the people you want it to.

Moderating a community is hard, especially with so many new users popping up every day! With our redesigned approval process, adding new users is as simple as clicking a button. Choose join roles, default organizations, and more – right from the admin panel.

Users now appear in your admin panel organized by date added. Choose from filter options in the top panel to only see the accounts you need to. Member moderation has been redesigned to be as fluid as possible, profiles now open in a new tab when clicked - no more fighting with your browser’s back button.

Ease of use continues to be our focal point for portal design. If you run into any rough spots, let us know! Our constant dedication to improvement is what makes Breezio a leader in online community management.


In the growing economy of collaboration, many organizations struggle to provide their members with a platform to support the content they produce. As Reggie Henry, CIO & Engagement Officer of ASAE put it:

“In the future, an online community will be not necessarily be defined by how many discussions they have, but by how much knowledge they generate” (@ReggieHenry).

Breezio’s innovative approach to community management provides your organization the tools it needs to develop around content rather than people. Our platform is growing more robust every day through the feedback from Organizations such as yourself, who share our common goal: Redefine the online community.


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