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Elevating Your Association's Value Proposition: 6 Key Member Benefits

Posted by Anna Dela Cruz on Apr 29, 2024 11:51:24 AM

In today's competitive landscape, associations must continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of their members. Offering innovative and valuable member benefits is key to attracting and retaining members. Here are six member benefits that can keep your association in line with industry trends:

  1. Dynamic Online Community: Provide a digital space for members to connect, share insights, and collaborate. An online community fosters a sense of belonging and provides access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Tools like Breezio can help you build and manage your community effectively, offering features such as seamless integration with AMS/CRM tools and other systems, advanced content creation and sharing, job board functionality, event promotion, and more!
  2. Tailored Learning and Certifications: Offering personalized learning paths and engaging content through an LMS (Learning Management System) can be a great way to educate members effectively. This empowers members to enhance their skills and stay competitive. By using a platform like BlueSky or Maple LMS, you can create interactive and engaging learning experiences for your members, helping them advance their careers and achieve their professional goals. Integrating your LMS and community can help strengthen adoption of both systems and make it easier to build momentum in one system after gaining activity in the other. For example, creating a community group for an LMS course can give users a space to connect about the course outside of the LMS. They can use this space to ask questions, connect with others who have completed the course, and more!
  3. Mentorship Programs: Facilitating meaningful connections between experienced professionals and aspiring members will strengthen both member’s relationship with your association. Having an element of mentor opportunities in your community is a great way to drive users to the community as they may see the platform as a more valuable resource after having to go to it to connect with their mentor/mentee.
  4. Job Placement Assistance: Connect members with exclusive job opportunities tailored to their skills and interests. Job boards and placement tools help members advance their careers, and once again serves as an opportunity for the association to provide value to a member wherever they are in their career lifecycle. Breezio's job board functionality allows your staff and members to share and access job opportunities through the community! If you also post volunteer opportunities this can be a great opportunity to consolidate where your opportunities are posted by bringing everything under one roof, making finding all opportunities easier for members.
  5. Virtual Events: Enhance the attendee's experience with interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and exclusive content. Incorporating hybrid events can also help boost registration and make accessing your events easier for all members!
  6. Comprehensive Directories: Help members expand their professional network by providing access to directories of peers, experts, and potential collaborators. Breezio's directory features allow you to create searchable directories that members can use to easily find and connect with other professionals in their industry, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

If you wait for trends to emerge you could be putting yourself behind the eight ball, so it's important to keep an open mind and evaluate your needs instead of hopping onto trends you see across the industry. By offering these innovative member benefits, your association can elevate its value proposition and create a more engaging and valuable experience for its members. 

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