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Improve. Release. Improve. Repeat.

Posted by Laura Dress on Apr 25, 2018 11:56:57 AM

It’s been a bit since we’ve talked about the new features the Breezio community platform has released. In the past few months, we’ve focused on platform updates that our customers have requested. Don’t get me wrong, there are also plenty of new fun features in the pipeline (and I’ll give a hint of that a bit later)! For now, I want to talk about why this year, we’ve focused on improvements that help community managers.


As a young SaaS company with a mission to redefine what it means to engage online, we understood what initial features we wanted to offer our customers. Everything from the basics, like registering new members and creating content, to the things that make us stand out from other community software platforms, like our live experiences and learning management. We’ve proven they work and are consistently returning value to associations and other groups using Breezio customers. Now...time to make everything easier and breezyo-er.

New Member On-Boarding

For example, there were at least 4 ways to get members to join and participate in their community. We heard we could do better by on-boarding 1st time users through a process that helped them complete their profile, join relevant groups and participate immediately in a community discussion. This new feature helps our users get new members to contribute right away to their online community and reduces member retention.

Content Management System

We had a good way to group people and content together in one area to present all relevant content, people and events. However, we heard that the UI needed to be easier so we made the improvement. This creates a much better user experience for Breezio online community members.

Improved Member Metrics

Our reporting capabilities provided a ton of information at the individual and portal level. While the Breezio platform offers a lot of flexability, our customers wanted more.

Our community mangers needed more information to be exportable to make a bigger community impact. Additionally, they were looking for more specific engagement and content utilization metrics to better express the values of their online community. This increased reporting feature gives them even more confidence in the value they give to their members.

We’ve got a whole list of reporting improvements in store this year! As we continue to provide community managers with the tools and reporting they need to demonstrate engagement ROI to stakeholders.

Online Community Platform Solutions  

As far as the fun new stuff goes, it’s on its way too! More monetization features, a new fresh UI, the ability to build custom pages and much more...

For now, we continue to improve with our community managers at heart and are so grateful to have such amazing communities to raise the floor with together!!


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