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Unique Ways to Structure Your Online Community

Posted by Kristina Toscano on Dec 21, 2021 11:02:12 AM

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Thinking about restructuring your online community? Here are some ways in which you can optimize your online community and add interactive elements that encourage your members to participate.

1. Have a Combination of Public and Private Groups

     Typically, organizations are looking for an online community platform that provides a private, collaborative space for their members. There are certainly benefits to keeping your community private. Here at Breezio, we encourage you to consider having both public and private groups! Breezio clients have used public groups as a recruitment tool by encouraging non-members to consume this public content. Clients have also used public groups as a way to spread and announce important information that may be relevant to other people in the industry. Having a mix of public and private groups is a great way to meet the needs of your members while also reaching out to new potential members.

2. Create an Intriguing Log-In UX 

     The log-in user experience for your online community can be another great marketing tool. Most of our clients link to the community login from their website, which encourages non-members to sign up for an account. While this is certainly effective, the Breezio platform allows you to take your log-in screen to the next level. With our slider page feature, you can use your login screen to feature your community, highlight upcoming events, or encourage membership registration.

3. Build Out an Onboarding Section

     A fun way to introduce your new community to your members is to dedicate a section to onboarding materials. In this section, you can include training materials, FAQs, community etiquette guides, and more! In Breezio, many of our clients utilize the Collection feature to build this section out. New members find it helpful when they are just getting started in the community!

4. Display Call-to-Action’s on Main Dashboard

As your members log in to your community, having call-to-actions will immediately encourage them to participate in discussions and explore the community! Having some creative imagery on your main dashboard is an excellent way to direct people to where the collaboration is happening. Many clients have an “Introduce Yourself” post set up, where new members can comment and reply to others as soon as they enter the community. Additionally, these call-to-actions can be used for things like signing up for your annual conference, or renewing membership!

We hope you found these insights helpful and have some new ideas to help restructure your online community. Click here to see how Breezio can help you with your online community platform needs!

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