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How to Get Your Members Talking Online: Part Two: "User Behavior Analytics and Super Users"

Posted by Karen McCord on Aug 16, 2019 2:26:33 PM


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Series Introduction:

     Not getting enough responses to your content? This might be attributed to members acting as “lurkers” or “ghosters”. These members typically observe content being posted by others, but rarely interact with this content or post any of their own. In online communities, businesses often find it difficult to engage all members of the community, especially in an online presence. Increasing collaboration online can be highly beneficial to the efficiency and growth of the business, so enhancing your user’s online community platform experience is imperative to your success online. This blog series dives deep into the actions you can take, as a community manager, or as a business owner, to optimize user experience in a community platform.

Action Item #2: User Behavior Analytics and Super Users

What is User Behavior Analytics (UBA)?

     User behavior analytics focuses primarily around the way users interact with content, and how analysts use that information to increase efficiency, or grow online communities. This type of data does not only include gathering click information, but also, observing the channels members take to complete tasks. This may include detecting common patterns or timing workflow completion.

Why might UBA be useful to a community manager?

     Knowing your audience helps foster conversation; user data analytics can show you what people like to respond or react to. It might be useful to know things like most popular time to post, popular groups, or most reposted articles so one can gauge member interests more effectively. On the Breezio platform, there are several features that can help you narrow down on user behavior data.

1. Featured Groups

Featured groups showcase the popular forums that your members interact in.

2. Common Skills

The skills feature is an excellent way to see your member’s strengths. You can see the most common or shared skills among members, so you can get a better idea of the skills that need to be improved on. Through Breezio’s learning features, you can create trainings or online lessons to target the specific skill set that needs improvement.

3. Most Viewed Articles

The most viewed articles gives insight to what information members find interesting or knowledgeable.

4. Most Commented Discussions

Popular discussion groups demonstrate members opinions and questions about posed topics. Targeting the more popular discussion boards with more content might help lurking members engage in the discussion.

How does UBA get members talking?

     In many online communities, there are a few standout members referred to as “super users”. These members post very frequently, actively interact with others, and utilize most or all features on the platform. User behavior analytics can help find these users based off of activity patterns and high volume content sharing. Super users may be helpful in gauging more interest from less active users by having more direct peer to peer interaction.

     There has also been success in using badging features on the Breezio platform to incentivize content creation and user interaction across the platform. Creating internal incentives, like badging, can really help a community manager reach out to online lurkers while gathering user behavior data simultaneously. This tactic has also been used with external incentives as well, for example, using small monetary rewards like gift cards and fun contests increases the drive for content generation.

     To learn more about Breezio’s online community platform or any of its’ community features, click here to request a demo!


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