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The Latest Features to the Breezio Online Community Platform

Posted by Laura Dress on Oct 26, 2016 3:00:00 PM


In the words of the late-great David Bowie this year, Breezio has made some pretty exciting ‘cha cha cha changes’ to the platform that we’re excited to highlight here!

Community Managers now have the ability to * moderate comments * easily delete members as changes happen within your network * write custom messages when inviting new member to Organizations * view standard and custom engagement metrics about in our Detailed Report feature * create beautiful rotating landing pages to highlight community events * choose default Organizations for their member so that any new person is automatically enrolled in the most important groups * and create Events around content for an in-person meeting, in-Breezio chat, or WebEx integration!


Members we didn’t forget about you either! Now you can share * Video posts to your favorite social media outlets * easily copy your Posts to multiple Organizations * write a custom message to your Breezio Community Manager when flagging a Post for review * copy a Collection you’re teaching from one Organization to another * and download our mobile app for Android and iOS devices to chat with others in your community as well as view and post comments to Posts!


One of the more exciting parts of implementing Breezio as a solution within your community is we’re always developing with you in mind! If you have any thoughts about how we can improve your Breezio experience? please speak up (, but be careful... you might just get what you wish for.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek to what’s ahead for for our final cut of the year…




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