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Newest Breezio Online Community Software Product Updates - Calendly Integration, Badging and More

Posted by Laura Dress on Mar 8, 2018 12:11:35 AM


‘The Wa-a-aiting is the hardest part!’ It’s about time we updated you about the latest and greatest changes to the Breezio online community platform. So I’m gonna ‘breakdown, go ahead and give it to you…’


‘If your members are learning to fly, and just need their wings’, check out our new badging feature so you can give them the acknowledgement they deserve. Community managers can create, assign and highlight members for their accomplishments.

Profile view of awarded badges


All of these folks were awarded this badge! Use the URL to this page to share the news.

Office Hours

‘We got somethin’, we both know it, but we don’t talk too much about it’ no longer a problem in Breezio thanks to two new features!

First, we’ve integrated with Calendly to give your members the option to create ‘office hours’ right from our profile page. Just set your availability in Calendly and other members can easily see when you’re available to chat about the latest discussion, job post or relevant article in your community.

Select the Office Hours button from the profile page to set the meeting.Receive this notification as a confirmation, reminder and way to synch it to your calendar and reschedule if needed.

Dashboard Discussion

Second, we’ve added a way to quickly post a Discussion to our Dashboard. It’s the fastest way to get a conversation started in your community!

Login. Type. Post. It's that simple :)

‘In a world that keeps on pushing ‘we’ around, Breezio won’t back down.’ Stay tuned for another blog shortly about one of our most exciting new capabilities released this week, the ability to create micro-site pages!


Breezio continues to be a leading innovator in the field of online communities and member engagement. Just like Petty change music forever, we're doing the same with online community platforms. We've broken the mold of your online community behaving just like a forum or discussion board, and revolutionized the experience to give you more opportunities to engage your audience than ever before.


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