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How to Get Members Talking Online Part Three: 4 Ways to Retain Member Interest

Posted by Karen McCord on Aug 27, 2019 12:48:32 PM

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Series Introduction:

Not getting enough responses to your content? This might be attributed to members acting as “lurkers” or “ghosters”. These members typically observe content being posted by others, but rarely interact with this content or post any of their own. In online communities, businesses often find it difficult to engage all members of the community, especially in an online presence. Increasing collaboration online can be highly beneficial to the efficiency and growth of the business, so enhancing your user’s online community platform experience is imperative to your success online. This blog series dives deep into the actions you can take, as a community manager, or as a business owner, to optimize user experience in a community platform.

Part 3: Four Ways to Retain Member Interest

After building your personal brand and narrowing down on user behavior data, it is important to keep members interested in new content being published in your online community. Members are more likely to be active on the platform and respond to content if it is updated on a regular basis. Here are a few ways you can keep your interesting and dynamic as you try to retain member interest:

1. Start a Blog Series

A blog series is an innovative twist to your typical blog post; it gives readers something new to look forward to week after week. Having an overarching theme that applies to many different people can draw in a large audience. The curiosity of the next part of the series keeps the readers interested in the content.

2. Utilize Open Forums

Open Forums provide the opportunity to not only allow you to share what’s new in your organization, but can also encourage member interaction and engagement. For example, you can include Question & Answer boards, contests, or advice articles that give incentives for members to be active in the online community.

3. Send Email Notification Blasts

Receiving notifications will show your members any interaction that their content receives, or new content they might be interested in. These notifications might help inspire them to react or even post new content.

4. Highlight Member Generated Content

When a member has an outstanding contribution to a discussion board, or an interesting perspective on a new initiative, it is nice to recognize them for their accomplishments. Being highlighted on the company website, newsletter, or email blast can motivate others to contribute their own ideas to the discussion.

There are a multitude of ways to retain members; Breezio is here to give online communities the tools to accomplish high member retention through its many interactive features. Through Breezio, members can participate in real-time discussion boards, share articles, ask questions, earn badges, and much more. Click here to request a Breezio demo today!

This is the final part of a three-part blog series that is aimed to help communities encourage less active members to participate online. Each section covers a different topic that will help community leaders engage with all online members. Part One explores the ways you can build a strong online presence, while Part Two describes the ways User Behavior Analytics is used to more actively engage with members. Breezio actively adapts to the changes and needs of online communities while retaining the goal of optimal real time community engagement.

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