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Online Community Outreach From a Distance

Posted by Kristina Toscano on Apr 22, 2020 12:47:29 PM

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     During this time where many of us are working from home, there is a heightened need for online presence in order to attract people to your organization. Community outreach is an important aspect to all businesses, and we wanted to share some pro-tips we have learned through building an online community platform. Here are some tips for connecting with people as business moves online!

1. Search hashtags and keywords 

If you want to access people who are posting and interested in a certain topic, search for keyword hashtags on social media. By doing this, you are narrowing down your target audience to those who could be potential partners in your business or members of your organization. The hashtag feature is used widely on the Breezio platform in order to categorize posts and discussions by topic and key words.  

2. Network with people in your field

It is important to constantly make connections, and online business could potentially make networking easier. Reach out to people who work in your field to learn more about their background or gain a new perspective. These connections can help you expand your outreach and develop a better understanding of what people are talking about in your industry. 

3. Post relevant information 

While working from home, online presence is very important because it is really the only interaction you will have with potential partners. Posting updates on your company or organization shows that you still are open for business and want people to be interested in what you have to say. Posting new or updated forms of contact is important as well, as this is something that may have changed in order to combat working from home adjustments. 

If you want to learn more about how to make your association stand out from the crowd, read this previous blog post!

Breezio offers all of these features in its online community platform. You are able to keyword search, network with people in your business, and post your own articles, documents, or other information to your entire community. Click here to learn more about how Breezio can help your business or organization adjust to moving online!

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