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Launching Your Online Community: Part 2

Posted by Kristina Toscano on Sep 4, 2020 4:00:18 PM

Finding the right platform!

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Welcome to Part 2 of the “Launching Your Online Community” series! We are elated to share the tips and tricks to help you create the ultimate online community experience for yourself as a leader, and for your members. Part 1 of the series dives deep into how to identify your ideal audience in order to attract members. This is a helpful step when trying to identify your community brand. In Part 2, we will explore the next part of building your online community: finding the right platform!

One of the biggest challenges in starting an online community is finding the right online platform for your members and leaders of your organization. There are several factors to consider when looking for the perfect fit. Being able to easily access your members directly, showing them new content in real-time, and updating them with important information is crucial to creating a successful online community. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right platform for you!

Easy to Use

An underrated factor to consider when choosing your online community platform is if it is easy to use. Both leaders and members of the community should be able to have fast and instant communication between each other and in any of the public forums. A simple and effective landscape for your community to grow is essential when connecting with one another online. Breezio has a sleek and thoughtful layout on the platform that addresses all of your community needs. Members are able to navigate through Breezio with ease by sending direct messages, posting in open forums, or forming subgroups within the community to foster information organization.

Member Engagement Opportunities

Along with having an easy to use platform, you should make sure there are plenty of opportunities available for your members to create their own content and connect with others virtually. The ability to communicate and connect virtually has become increasingly important; posts and comments really help build connections and humanize being in an online environment. On the Breezio platform, members can post, chat, and comment in real-time for a fast paced learning environment! Many organizations use Breezio to share important information to a group of people in a collaborative and efficient way. 

Virtual Conferencing Capabilities

Following the pandemic, there is a heightened need and demand for online community platforms to function as virtual conferencing and meeting spaces. With businesses across the world transitioning to partially or completely online, these virtual capabilities are essential. You will want to check out the online presentation abilities, meeting options, and event hosting. Breezio is able to operate in all of these virtual settings, and more! Check out what Breezio can do here


Lastly, another essential factor to consider when researching online community platforms is to make sure it is customizable. The reason for this is not all organizations have the same needs! For example, a large community may want to have multiple subgroups based on member interest. This means that information might be shared in those smaller groups based on the group topic. Smaller communities may prefer to have one open forum so everyone has access to all information being shared. Breezio offers multiple customizable features that promote ideal circumstances for sharing information in your online community!

If you want more information about how to look for a great online community platform, visit our previous blog posts! We love to share the latest tips and tricks from the online community industry. Check out what Breezio can do for you by clicking here!

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