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Four Steps to Increase Online Community Collaboration

Community, Engagement
By Hana Yen
June 06, 2016
  "The opposite of autonomy is control. And since they sit at different poles of the behavioral compass, they point us toward different destinations. Control leads to compliance, autonomy leads to engagement.” –Daniel Pink in Drive
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Leading Online Community Platform Provider Announces Client Driven Updates

Product release notes
By Laura Dress
May 26, 2016
  In this month alone, Breezio has logged more than 156 hours of platform progress--50% more than company expectation. Breezio is making big changes with you at the forefront of their innovation.
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What Do the Experts Say About Online Community Management?

Scientific community, Scholarly publishing
By Karen McCord
April 27, 2016
  Society Day at the 2016 STM’s Annual Conference was dedicated to exploring the trends that are reshaping societies strategies over the coming few years within publishing, membership, technology, innovation, and growth. I was honored to be a member...
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Innovative Partnership with Breezio, BioTreks and High School Synthetic Biology Highlights the Reach of Online Communities

Innovation, Community peer review, BioTreks
By Laura Dress
April 14, 2016

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The Power of Many: Community Building Insight From TEDCO's 2015 Expo Takeaways

Innovation, Collaboration
By Karen McCord
November 24, 2015
  Amazing things happen when you fill a conference center with 600 innovators, entrepreneurs and community builders. The community has the opportunity to share experiences, learn and support one another. The power of many can always accomplish...
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The Top Two Questions About Online Scientific Collaboration

Team Science, Scientific community
By Karen McCord
June 29, 2015
  Thanks for your interest in the Webinar “Improving the Effectiveness of Team Science”. The recording can be found at I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Karen McCord and I am...
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